Walk Two Moons review

Alicia Bonestroo–Staff Writer

walk two moons book review

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Walk two moons? What does that even mean?

Those were the first words that popped into my head once I saw the title of the fall Black Box production.

“Walk Two Moons,” Jalyn Vander Wal’s senior directing project, was based off the children’s book by the same name, written by Sharon Creech, about coming to terms and coming of age. I didn’t read it as a kid, but I might read it now.

Fun Fact: Director Vander Wal actually got in contact with the author. I’m sure she would be all too happy to discuss the conversations they had and show off her signed poster of the show and book. 

But before I lose myself to the more technical side of theatre, I’m going to tell you this: this show was amazing, and I truly wish that there were more shows so more people could have seen it last weekend too.

Commencing technical theatre talk.

Walking into the theater, the first thing anyone would notice is the set. There was a series of platforms and stairs painted black. There were chalk drawings of trees on them, leaving little room for the black to come through. I later found out that the actors themselves had done these drawings.

Costumes. I hold a work-study position in the Costume Shop, and I may be a bit biased when I say that the costumes were on point. I knew and saw the hard work that went into them.

The sound design was subtle, not overwhelming, and almost completely original, save for some sound effects. The lighting was beautiful and it deserved recognition, even if it wasn’t as noticeable as everything else.

And the acting. The acting! Half of the actors were playing multiple characters, which is a skill in itself. And the ones who were playing singular characters were on-stage nearly the entire show.

If I missed a certain aspect of the show that you felt was just breathtaking, you’re welcome to come and set me straight.

Okay, my little rant is over.

There was a moment near the end of the play when we finally saw the reason behind one of the major plot points. Yes, it may have been in the back of our minds, but we’d been ignoring it. And then our suspicions came true and we found that the show had devoured our hearts. It was raw and emotional.

But that didn’t mean that everyone would get hit with the feels like they were a ton of bricks. There was humor in it. There were moments when audience members couldn’t help but smile, chuckle, or just straight up laugh.

I’m not good at showing my emotions, but I was close to tears. If you’ve ever lost someone close to you, whether that be a family member or a friend — and I pray that you haven’t — I recommend this beautiful story of a teenage girl coming to terms with a truth.

What truth, Alicia?

It would be a spoiler if I told you, wouldn’t it?

Although the “Walk Two Moons” production has come to an end, the book just might be able to fill you in.

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