I’ll be at Dordt for Christmas

Emma Stoltzfus — Staff Writer

There’s a Christmas tree on the Campus Center roof, snow forts are popping up everywhere and dorms are decked with decorations.

For Dordt College, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Most students will be leaving campus as soon as they finish their last final, but some will be staying on campus for the holidays.

For HaeMi Kim, a junior from Thailand, this will be her first time at Dordt for Christmas break.

Much of her time will be spent working in maintenance to save up for studying abroad in Chicago, but Kim said she hopes to work on a few video projects and enjoy some time to herself.

Student Services generally charges five dollars a night for students to stay on campus during Christmas break, but some are exempt from that fee. International students—with the exception of Canadians—and students who have required work studies or internships through the break are not required to pay for lodging.

The deadline to register for Christmas break housing is 4 p.m. on Dec. 17, according to an announcement in The Weekly.

Retasya Badudu, a junior from Indonesia, will be staying at Dordt for her third Christmas break on campus.

Before coming to Dordt, Badudu remembers spending New Years at her grandparents’ house and spending time with family. In Sioux Center, she plans on hanging out with friends and working at Dordt’s copy center.

“Christmas break is an opportunity to get close to people that you don’t always talk to during the semester,” Badudu said, “Whoever stays here, that’s who you’re going to hang out with.”

During break, Dordt does not provide food to students staying on-campus, instead taking the opportunity to deep clean the kitchens in the Grille and Commons. Students must provide their own food arrangements during the more than three weeks of break.

“I’ll stock up food on the last day,” Kim laughed, “just buy a bunch of stuff from the Grille, maybe.”

For Christmas dinner, local host families and professors often open their homes to students staying for the holidays.

Kim mentioned a professor has invited her to have Christmas dinner with their family.

While students are flying and driving to spend the holidays with those close to them, students like Badudu and Kim will be doing the same while staying at Dordt College.


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