Students accepting engagement applications

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Hingle McCringleberry – Staff Writer

For three straight years, Dordt College has been honored as one of the top colleges in Student Engagement by the Wall Street Journal.

As you have heard engagements among students continue to rise especially with the national spotlight on the college.

However, many students feel left out and want to experience what it feels like to finally tie the knot.

According to Student Services, singles will have an opportunity to put themselves one step closer to being engaged with the all new “Student Engagement Application”.

The application has several important components. It begins with the basics such as name, grade, phone number, and place of residency on campus.

The student can get more specific if he or she wishes. The form has an option to explain their specific hobbies, favorite places to eat, favorite movies, and best first date ideas.

For athletes, there is an optional section that specifies if you would like to be matched with another athlete. If so, you can select which sport that you would prefer your match to play.

This option will also be applied to students in the arts, choir and orchestra. Students in orchestra will be able to specify which instrument their match plays.

“I am really looking forward to this new application,” said Dordt sophomore Albert Alberto. “I think that this could really help me develop a quality relationship.”

Many students hope that this will lead to a relationship that will last. According to the registrar, there are still roughly 30 percent of upper classmen that are not in a serious relationship.

For the administration, this means that there is room to grow as Dordt continues to protect its spot as the top school in student engagement.

Student services is also planning to make the form mandatory for freshmen beginning in the 2019-2020 school year.

Freshmen will be required to fill out the form unless they are already in a serious relationship. The goal is for students that match to become good friends during their freshman year and begin dating by their sophomore year.

If all goes well, Student Services is hoping that this will lead to more marriages prior to students’ senior years, which would mean more students living off campus.

This would also allow for Dordt to take on more students because of the additional housing that would come available as a result of the growing rate of marriages and off-campus living.

“This would really help with our current shortage of on campus residency options,” said Derek Buteyn, Director of Residence Life. “It would allow more flexibility for the students and make it easier on the residence life staff.”

Student Services and the school administration are hopeful that this will lead to accelerated growth in not only student engagements, but also in the student population as a whole.


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