Dordt purchases snow tunnels to maintain 63-year streak of no snow cancellations

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Irma Saltycakes–Staff Writer

For 63 years, Dordt has maintained a perfect record: not one cancellation of classes for snow has been recorded in the institution’s history. With winter weather approaching, this year, Dordt has a new approach to maintaining its streak–snow tunnels.

“These tunnels will ensure that students keep up attendance during the blizzarding months of January, February, March, and April,” said Robert Taylor.

snow tunnel

Architectural rendering by Breadwin, Inc.

The snow tunnels will be temporary structures constructed by Breadwin, Inc., a company that specializes in outdoor structures. Their tunnels have the capability of stopping 60 mile per hour winds, shielding walkers from 20 inches of snow, and preventing ice from forming on the sidewalks. Students will be able to use them on every sidewalk on campus, allowing them to move from dorm to classroom safely.

“We will no longer accept excuses of frostbite or frozen fingers,” said Taylor. “Everyone should use the tunnels, no exceptions.”

In addition to keeping the snow and wind out, the snow tunnels will be heated inside.  Californian, Texan, and other warm-state students will be able to keep their sweatshirts and forgo long winter coats at Dordt, but not everyone is happy about the new tunnels.

“Why can’t they just cancel class?” Jimmy John, a senior, asked. “This is a waste of Dordt’s dollars for sure.”

John Dean, a freshman, disagrees. “It’ll be like the skywalk, but everywhere. I think it shows that Dordt really cares about their students.”

Whether students like it or not, the snow tunnels will be installed over Christmas break. They were funded in part by a generous donation from an anonymous group which was definitely not the professors trying to keep their attendance up.


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