Campus security tows vehicles, revamps parking

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Strider Van Arathorn–Staff Writer

Last Monday, students returned to campus to find the parking lots completely empty. Over the break, campus security ticketed and towed every vehicle on campus in preparation for the upcoming parking revisions. As of December 3, lots currently reserved for students will be reserved for faculty and staff only. Campus guest parking will now be for commuters only, and students will have to park in what is currently staff parking. Lot 18, better known as “Siberia,” will be the new campus guest parking.

“The goal of these revisions is to make campus parking as efficient and effective as possible,” said campus security director Steve Kreftig. “We hope the new regulations will inspire innovation on the part of the students in finding creative ways to park their vehicles.”


Photo by Darude Sandystorm

Students are already rising to the challenge. One sophomore suggested moving all the motorcycles to the roof of the B.J. Haan. Another student suggested parking all the Volkswagens in a single parking space. One of the commuters even joked that he was planning to try parking in two spaces at once.

“We’ve got all this extra space,” he said. “Most of us don’t quite know what we’re going to do with it yet.”

The number of commuting students has risen steadily over the past two years. With the new parking changes, that number is now expected to almost double.

“I’m excited to see how students are fostering community both on and off campus,” said Dordt president Erik Hoekstra. “I believe these changes really show what’s important to this institution.”

In addition to changing where students can park, Student Services has also increased the fines for parking in the wrong lots. The extra money will be used to offset the costs of the many constructions on campus.

“We understand that the new policy will take some getting used to,” said Kreftig. “On the bright side, students will be contributing to a good cause because of these changes.”


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