DCC is stealing your personal data: here’s how they do it

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Lawyer Trailmix–Staff Writer

Many Dordt students this semester have had issues with personal data getting stolen. Authorities have narrowed it down to Dordt’s internal website for students, Dordt College Central (DCC). DCC has teamed up with Eatable to steal your information. Here’s how they do it:

Using information like your driver’s license number, date of birth, credit card number, bank routing number (if you have an on-campus job), and the picture used on your eatable account, DCC holds all the information needed to steal your identity.

When students enroll at Dordt, they must provide a form of identification to prove they are who they say they are. All the personal data students provide is stored on the DCC website. DCC has a state-of-the-art security system to keep your personal data secure from any hackers—or  so they thought.

Earlier this semester, students began seeing large sums of money disappearing from their bank accounts. Students reached out to campus security, who reached out to the Sioux Center police once they realized the size of the issue they faced.

“I had $3.50. Now I’ve got nothing,” said sophomore Jocelyn Den Tlade. “I got an email from Amazon saying I purchased a new electric scooter. I already have two—what am I going to do with a third?”

The Sioux Center police tried to crack down on the situation, but later had to bring in the FBI when they could not handle the scale of the problem.

As extra credit, Dordt’s computer science majors attempted hacking DCC to help figure out how many students’ identities were stolen. Most figured it out and are now being held in custody for attempting to create fake IDs for students.

“The IDs students created using DCC and Eatable selfies looked real,” said Robert Taylor, dean of students. “I couldn’t tell the difference between a student’s real and fake driver’s license. Dordt computer science majors have some incredible skill, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.”

The hacking of DCC is a wake-up call for many people at Dordt, especially campus security. Campus security is looking at hiring some computer science students after they graduate to help strengthen Dordt’s cyber security network.

Seeing as Student Services likes to hire unemployed Dordt graduates, campus security should have no problem adding to their ranks.

The FBI continues to try to catch many of the hackers who stole students’ identities. The plan now is for Dordt to build a better cyber security vault to hold everyone’s personal information for the next generation of hackers to break in to.


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