Dordt to implement naptime in Core 100

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Last week, Dordt announced that a designated nap time will be introduced into Core 100, the two-credit course taken during the first semester of freshman year.

The move comes in accordance with the University of Miami installing nap pods on their campus, and the University of Utah building cry closets in their library. As Dordt makes the transition from college to university next spring, President Hoekstra believes the introduction of naptime makes sense.

“If Dordt is to become a university, we should seek to embody everything a university is. Not just in academics, but in coddling our students,” Hoekstra said.

picture for dordt to implement naptime in core 100

Photo by Darude Sandystorm

Dordt’s Core 100 class, titled “Kingdom, Identity, and Calling” is designed to acclimate students to the workload of college and educate them on how Dordt equips them to serve in God’s Kingdom. Professor Jeff Taylor, administrator of the Core 100 classes, justifies the nap time in this context by saying, “What better way to ease students into the college lifestyle than by offering them an opportunity to rest from the busyness of life?”

Core 100 students also support the move. Jen Zee, freshman at Dordt says that the naptime helps offset the stress she receives from trying to figure out her identity. “All they tell us is that every square inch is God’s. I just want every square inch of my body to be covered by a blanket while I sleep,”  Zee said.

On top of possessing the capability to purge their homework-driven anxiety, students will also be able to catch up on lost sleep from all-nighters spent tirelessly working on homework as an entire 30 minutes of Core 100 class time will be devoted to nap time.

Additionally, the nap time will also help Dordt save money on electricity, as it will be conducted with the lights off. However, this economic benefit will not lower the overall cost of tuition for students, as first year students will be required to purchase a sleeping mat for Core 100. The mats are available in Dordt University gold and black and can also be purchased with stuffed animals at the bookstore.

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