Dordt proclaims new dress code

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Dordt students need to start shopping in preparation for the new dress code coming into effect next semester.

“This change has been a long time coming,” said Dave Jones of student services. “We realized our previous policy was not clear enough and not up to date with today’s fashion. We received inspiration from Pensacola Christian College.”

The new dress code is not intended to insult those with different standards, but to align student attire with the spirit of the school, reflecting its values.

The previous dress code was simply, “Students should be guided by the principles of cleanliness, modesty and propriety as they consider proper dress. Clothing which does not support our Christian confession and promote a God-glorifying view of men, women and creation is not acceptable. Clothing which promotes the use of alcohol, controlled substances or symbols of the occult is unacceptable.”

This simple policy has been revised to include the phrase “It is considered immodest to wear clothing that is revealing or tightfitting.”  Examples of soon to be banned clothing items are; leggings, skinny jeans, running shorts, dresses and skirts above the knee, tight tee shirts, tank tops, and crop tops.

Since the future policy was released this past Monday, students have expressed both concerns and approval. “I am reconsidering attending Dordt because of the new dress code. I think it’s outdated and unfounded. I am an adult capable of making my own decisions. I mean, what are they going to do next—make me eat vegetables?” exclaimed Maggie Olsten, a freshman studying art.

“I think the new dress code is great!” said Michael Smith, a senior studding theology. “I think it will make focusing on school easier and our overall school appearance will become much more professional.” Michael regularly wears button downs and dress pants to class, making other students and even professors feel underdressed. No one likes Michael.

“I don’t like being told what is ok and what isn’t, but I do like that everyone has to cover up more,” said Sarah Masters, a sophomore studying social work. “I feel pretty self-conscious at school because most students are so athletic and fit. It will make it easier for me not to compare body to others. I plan on no longer working out and instead investing my time in trying every dessert in the commons.”

Though the mentality behind why students dress the way they dress is not expected to change, Dordt sdtudents following the new dresscode will apear to be better Christians.

“We pride ourselves on our perfectness, and this is just another way to enforce our individual convictions and values with no biblical merit on others,” explained Macy Vanderwall, a very religious student at Dordt.

The final policy will be released on December 14th. Students will be allowed to share their input at that time. The school is open to making alterations. The new policy will be effective the start of spring semester 2019.


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