Dordt pep band drummer sits for national anthem

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Nolan Naeperkick, one of Dordt’s pep band drummers, was seen sitting down during the national anthem at a recent men’s basketball game. Few people noticed until a fellow student whipped out their phone to snap a picture.

Word spread quickly around campus via social media. The photo went viral in just one night, sparking conversations around the nation.

“When Nolan was seen sitting for the national anthem, everyone was caught off guard,” said Jerimiah Jeremy, a fellow student. “It has created more turmoil than when Colin Kaepernick knelt for his NFL games.”

Nike recently contacted Nolan, asking if they could do an ad campaign with him about equal rights for drummer boys. Colin Kaepernick reached out to Nolan persuading him to merge campaigns, but because Nolan is a student, he had to turn down the offer for legal issues.

Nolan’s statement of sitting during the national anthem also caused a huge amount of tension within the city of Sioux Center. Many of the red voters of the area had a lot to say about what happened at last week’s game.

Last Thursday, upset Sioux Centerians rallied outside Nolan’s house, throwing their leftover Thanksgiving meals on his yard.

“We had no room in our fridge,” said local Emily Vander Haats. “It’s our civil duty to protest such insensitivity to our great nation.”

“I’ve never had so many leftovers to deal with,” said Cristi Naeperkick, Nolan’s mother. “I didn’t know that this town had such an opinion on the national anthem matter.”

Dordt has had several meetings about Naeperkick’s intentions when he sat during the national anthem. Nolan could not attend those meetings due to Thanksgiving break.

Many political faces made appearances at these meetings, such as President Donald Trump.  Trump spoke about the importance of our flag and how many have died fighting for it.

At one of the meetings held in the B.J. Haan Auditorium, Dordt president Erik Hoekstra joined President Trump in a duet, singing the national anthem. The event aired on television worldwide. A full recording of their performance can be found online.

Nolan reached out to press the other day with an unexpected message that shook the whole city. He didn’t sit down for equal rights or to make a statement about the flag.

“It is all a big misunderstanding,” said Nolan during a press conference. “I am the pep band drummer. I have to sit behind the trap set during the national anthem and all of our performances.”

The Dordt community, as well as the rest of the nation, was left in awe after hearing from the drummer for the first time since the game. A follow-up meeting will be held with Nolan next Wednesday.


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