Pro-Tech: class never ends

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Sherman Wormin–Staff Writer

School is six days a week for Dordt’s Pro-Tech program. The learning never ends!

Recently a dynamic commercial was released about the great opportunity that Dordt’s Pro-Tech program has to offer. The video was very similar to a lot of the Ford truck commercials implying that the program is “built to last.” By earning a degree through Pro-Tech, students are taking control of their futures.

The video showed students welding, riding bulls, learning, and a few other things. What the video did not show was the weekend celebrations; which culminate all the hard work, the restless nights, and the demands of the program.

Many of the Pro-Tech students spend upwards of three hours a week driving to their internships, and half that time riding around Sioux Center on Saturday nights finding the necessary supplies for their night class. Get that—when Covey girls are painting each-others’ backs, West girls are huddled up watching movies, and North and East boys are wondering where all the girls are, Pro-Tech students are out having class.

So, what is the subject you ask? Well it is Core Dos Equis—History and Application of Heavy Drinking. And yes, they earn 5 credits a semester over the course of their two years for this class.

“It isn’t fair. I’m up all night, every night, studying—losing my mind, and the Pro-Tech students earn 5 credits for one night class,” said freshman Eve Lindor. “It just isn’t fair.”

As Pro-Tech continues to pull in more students with the use of motivating commercials like the aforementioned one, the marketing team for the program should consider adding a few shots of their night classes in the next video. By truly showing what goes on in the program Monday through Saturday, they would guarantee a triple in enrollment by next year—but that is just a suggestion.


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