East Campus condemned due to poor conditions

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Anneli Kanerva – Staff Writer

On Wednesday, the Sioux County Board of Health determined that Dordt College’s East Campus apartment building was unfit for habitation and officially condemned the building. The SCBH cited bad wiring, poor water quality, and low structural integrity as reasons for condemning the building.

According to the maintenance department, they receive three times as many complaints about the building’s condition than they receive for any other building on campus. The Maintenance Department claims that the building is in worse condition due to the high number students caught drinking, smoking, sexing, and engaging in other forbidden activities in the building.

Many of Dordt’s residents, both past and present, are unsurprised at that the building was condemned.

Junior Ariana Van Thorp claims that the building has been in horrible condition since the beginning of the semester and that she filed her first complaint within a week of moving into her first floor apartment. More complaints quickly followed as her sink exploded, shower head fell off, and her ceiling vent suddenly poured out smoke one night.

None of the small issues compare to her largest problem: flooding. When there was heavy rain in the beginning of the semester, Van Thorp’s apartment filled with several inches of rainwater.

“At the time it was awful and we were angry that a lot of stuff was damaged,” said Van Thorp. “Eventually we made lemonade out of lemons by bringing in pool floats and having a big pool party.”

Other complaints have included falling ceiling tiles, mold in vents, and strange smells in the rooms.

Senior Ryan Kamp says that he was enraged when he found out he was placed in East Campus. Kamp ended up in East Campus after some of his roommates dropped out over the summer, leaving him with only four roommates.

“East Campus is literally falling apart,” said Kamp. “We had cabinet doors fall off in the middle of the night and we’ve had several of our light switches stop working all together.”

Professor Donald Roth claims that the building was “ready to be demolished” when he attended Dordt in 2003. According to Roth, the building had suspicious burns on the carpets, leaks in the ceiling, and horrible heating and A/C.

Dordt has not issued an official statement about the building, but residents are already being moved out of the building and dispersed into other dorms around campus.

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