CORE 101: Dordt University logo history & design

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Hingle McCringleberry—Staff Writer

Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, Dordt University will introduce a new mandatory class for all incoming freshmen.

The class will be taken in the spring of the students’ freshmen year as an extension of CORE 100.

The new class, entitled “CORE 101: Dordt University Logo History and Design” will give students an inside look to the new Dordt logo.

dordt university picture

Photo by Darude Sandystorm

The course will be offered as three-credit course that meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The first module of the class will be all about the history of Dordt college and the evolution its logo has experienced throughout the years.

Students will spend time learning about the original logo from the early years of the institution. Then, the class will pivot towards the most recent DC logo, which will come to be known as the final logo for Dordt College.

For the final portion of the class, students will look at the new Dordt University logo and the significance of its design. This will grow students’ appreciation for the new logo that represents Dordt’s expanding influence.

Students will also get the opportunity to design their own Dordt University logo as a way to express what Dordt University means to them.

Throughout the course, students will be expected to memorize the alma mater and other historical facts about Dordt.

“I think that this class will help students get a head start on their college experience,” current freshman Steven Stevenson said. “It will give students who are unfamiliar with Dordt a better understanding of its beginnings.”

With the new class in place, the administration hopes to bring greater awareness to the intricacies of the new logo such as the shape of the “U.”

“Our hope is that students will gain a greater appreciation for the logo redesign,” said Dordt College President Erik Hoekstra. “We hope to empower our students and their God-given capabilities as we transition from Dordt College to Dordt University.”

This course addition is one of many changes and additions that Dordt’s name change has brought about. The administration is excited for the logo change as well as this new class that will indoctrinate students in the new logo of the institution.

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