Lions, tigers, and bears on campus?

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Allison Ermudet – Staff Writer

tiger therapy

Photo by Darude Sandystorm

Dangerous and exotic animals will soon be used as therapy animals on Dordt’s campus.

“Dogs are commonly used for therapy, so we thought we could spice things up and bring in a little more excitement to their studies.” Ursa Wolfe, who is in charge of the new additions, is excited for the project.

“It’s a chance to have people branch out when it comes to animals. Dogs and cats are pretty standard, and cows are for this area too. So this is our chance for people to see how awesome some of these guys are as pets!”

Wolfe plans on bringing a snake, a young lion and a baby rhino on the first visit. If all goes well, she will continue bringing animals, and if more zoo personal get on board, adult animals are expected to appear on campus.

At the moment, only two personnel are required to be on campus with the animals, one to actually handle them, and another to . . . clean up after them if there are any mishaps.

Cat Rina, a junior at Dordt is concerned about the dangers that may come with the animals. “I just hope they’re trained enough not to bite or anything. I don’t want anyone to get hurt because someone wanted to get a little more excitement with their therapy. And what part of therapy is supposed to be exciting anyway?”

Discussions about what will happen if someone gets injured while with the animals have not yet taken place, as the project is still in its early stages. The plan is to have the bi-weekly visits with the animals take place in the Grille area, near the campus health center.

Rina is glad of that decision. “At least if someone gets hurt, the clinic isn’t too far away. And the hospital isn’t too far either, so it should be fine.”


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