Pool delay due to rain

Alex Van Den Top–Staff Writer

The construction of the newest addition to the All Seasons Center’s outdoor pool may be taking on a bigger splash than anticipated.

With high amounts of rainfall hitting the Siouxland over the last several months, construction for the new building and pools has been tricky. The wet patterns have continued into November, and the area is already a quarter of an inch away from beating its average rainfall for the month, according to rainfall patterns and data gathered by U.S. Climate Data. This weather could even cause the much-anticipated opening of the pool addition to be pushed off 16 days later than expected.

Peska Construction, a general contractor out of Sioux Falls, is handling the construction of the addition to the All Seasons Center while Carothers Construction from Nebraska oversees setting up the actual pools and waterslides.

Dave Ruter, facility director of the All Seasons Center, has been in discussion with both construction companies and is urging them to stay on schedule.

“[In the last meeting] …they requested an extension on the time period of when they’re supposed to be done,” Ruter said. “It’s actually a formality right now because they are hoping they can catch up. But they figured they’re at least 16 working days behind due to the weather.”

Ruter went on to say that it was not in the city of Sioux Center’s interest to grant them the 16-day extension, and figured they would more than likely only grant them a 10-day extension. Ruter indicated that both construction companies still anticipated to get the job done before the initial due date. He said it would be “just fine” if the opening date got pushed from May 10, 2019, to May 25 or 26.

Despite the deadline tension, Ruter stated that the overall relationship the All Seasons Center has with Peska and Carothers Construction has been holding up well.

“Both of them have been very good to work with,” Ruter said. “They seem like they’re very good at what they do, want this project done well, and they want it done on time.”

However, they have a long road ahead of them with the weather turning cold and the wet patterns likely to continue.

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