The price is FRIGHT!

Haemi Kim–Staff Writer

Students dressed in creative costumes filled the Grille area on Nov. 3 for Dordt’s annual Costume Dance. But the dance was not the only event to attract students this year. It was joined by the ‘Price is Fright,’ a spoof from the Price is Right game show.

Everyone who came to the event had one entry for a chance to play in the game, and those who dressed up for the Costume Dance received two additional entries to compete for prizes. The game consisted of four rounds total. The contestants guessed the prices for their prizes, and whoever guessed the closest amount played an additional game to win more items. Those additional games included Plinko, Yodeler, Place the Price, and the 2008 Then and 2018 Now.

After the preliminary rounds were completed, the four winning contestants from each round, including Benjamin Boersma, Caleb Pollema, Caleb Schreurs, and Alyssa Kuiper, came back up to the stage and played the final game, Spin the Wheel. The rules where simple—the closest ones to spin 100 or $1, had the chance to move on to the Showcase Showdown.

Boersma and Kuiper were the two contestants who advanced to the final Showcase Showdown. To win the prize, they had to choose one of the grand prizes that they hoped to win and guess the price. In the end, Kuiper had a closer guess than Boersma did, becoming the new owner of Airpods. The 32-inch Roku Smart TV was left to be drawn for later in the evening. Seth Weirup, a senior, was the lucky man who welcomed the TV into his arms.

Daniel Seaman, a senior, was the host for the Price is Fright, dressed as a zombified version of Bob Barker.

“I enjoyed putting in the time to bring my costume together,” said Seaman. “When I was asked to be Bob Barker and host, I knew I wanted to do a little bit extra. I won one of the costume prizes from last year’s dance so I was confident that I could take this costume one step further. Zombie seemed appropriate for such a frightening event.”

Seaman also explained that he had never hosted an event like this. He said that he was frightened because of the quick-pace, but he had lots of fun.

“The highlight of the evening was when Caleb Pollema pulled out a win in the ‘Cliff-Hanger’ game,” said Seaman. “No one expected him to guess the price of the Pickleball set, but when he did, the crowd went wild.”

After the Price is Fright event was over, the Costume Dance began. The annual costume contest was held, giving students one more opportunity to win prizes. The winners included ‘Cyborg Cowgirl’ for the individual contest, ‘Mario Kart’ for the group contest, and ‘Moth and the Lamp’ for the most creative costume.

Ally Visser, the leader of Dordt Student Activities, explained the reason behind having an additional event during the Costume Dance.

“I really love the Costume Dance, but I was disappointed last year that fewer people came. The truth is, not everybody likes to dance, so when I hear that they used to have an event called ‘Price is Trite’ with the Costume Dance, I was stoked!” Visser said. “It sounded like the perfect thing to get a wider audience of people to attend the Costume Dance.”

Visser explained that because there was lots dancing involved in other campus events, she wanted to “prevent ‘dance burnout’.”

Visser also said they received lots of good feedback from students suggesting that they host the event again next year.

“People really enjoyed Price is Fright, so I don’t see why we wouldn’t do it again!” Visser said. “Dordt Student Activity’s goal for events is to create a catalyst for community, and I think Price is Fright accomplished that.”

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