Dordt alums (Cross)Fits in with a different crowd

Annechiena Knevelbaard–Guest Writer

Sports programs at Dordt College, many of which were showcased over Defender Days, range from football too cross-country and even dance. There’s something for everyone–well, almost everyone. Some students who don’t feel the need to be part of organized sports. Instead, they take part by using the Dordt workout facilities, squeexing in their workout time between the slots of football guys’ lifting sessions. Colton Hoksbergen, now a Dordt alumni of two years, took a different route. He chose the CrossFit BKN gym. Other people at the gym have Dordt connections, including Quintin Attema, a senior, and Jamin Ver Velde, a part owner of the gym as well as a graphic designer for Dordt.

Hoksbergen played sports in high school, and since he attended a small Protestant school in Hull, he was able to take part in all the teams, though basketball was his favorite.

“My Mom thought I was really good,” Hoksbergen said, his eyes crinkling as he smiles.  “and I mean I was for a school of 160 kids. But there’s was no way I could of made the Dordt basketball team or something like that.”

He recalls how it was an odd feeling to be going to school but not a team practice at the end of the day. For so long being an athlete had been his identity—but then he had a turning point in his sophomore year.

“I realized I shouldn’t wear sports clothing to class like the other guys. I mean why should I? I didn’t have a reason to anymore,” he said. Instead, he became his own coach by creating workouts he could do by himself in Dordt’s gym, until his now-boss introduced him to a different kind of team sport: CrossFit.

Little did he know, CrossFit was going to change his life, and not just from the way he worked out, but also the mentality and the relationships he was able to build. According to Hoksbergan, the core of CrossFit is the people who go want to be there and are ready for work. There is a “workout of the day” that is posted on a white board which a person doesn’t have to do, but everyone does it. The team dynamic comes in as you work with each other and cheer others on. Behind the scenes, but not ignored, is the competition to be faster and stronger than everyone else.

“There tends to be different groups, the guys are girls that are all about the competition and the other people who there for a good workout,” he said. “At the end of the day, we’re all wiping away the sweat and high fiving each other.”

Hoksbergen is now a certified CrossFit coach and tries to participate in local, as well as out of state, CrossFit events. According to him, this sport is for anyone who isn’t afraid to crack open a beer with the team after a good work out and talk about nothing. It’s a place where a person can find a place he or she belongs, as long as that person is ready to put in full body effort to become the fit person he/she always wanted to be.

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