Dordt University Communists

Alex Van Den Top – Staff Writer

The Dordt University Communists’ Facebook page have been making controversial splashes across the Northwest Iowa sector of Facebook. On October 23, the page updated their logo in anticipation of Dordt’s upcoming switch to university status.

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 2.19.55 PMThe new logo is parody of the new Dordt University logo with a couple of their own modifications: A sickle added to the top left portion of the “U” and the cross replaced with a hammer, mimicking the infamous hammer and sickle flag used by the Soviet Union between 1923-1991. Despite being named the Dordt University Communists, their primary focus is not quite political.

“Our primary purpose is to share memes, in an effort to unite the working proletariat class in spirit and camaraderie” A representative of the anonymous page stated over a Facebook message, “We also like to invite other pages in on the fun.”

Other Facebook pages may not refer to it as “fun” banter like the Communists do. The Communists have made satirical posts about pages like the Siouxland Reformation Society, a conservative Christian reformed Facebook branch group of the Alliance of Evangelical Christians. The DU Communists have also made satirical posts and content targeting the Dordt College Republicans, Student Government, and Dordt’s Democrats page as well.

“We’ve been in opposition to groups,” the representative continued, “but have never received any concerning threats. The most ‘threatening’ message we ever received was when Dordt’s marketing department requested us to change our initial logo.”


Photo by Dordt University Communists

Junior Hannah Van Den Top, an Early Childhood Education major, is one of one hundred and thirty followers that the Communists have accumulated since the creation of their page in April of 2017.

“It’s just funny,” She stated, “There are a lot of pages that take themselves too seriously and it’s fun to see them get knocked off their high horses.”

The representative from the Communist Facebook group says it’s surreal to hear people talk about the page around campus. According to them, the page is made up of a diverse group of people from different walks of life. In the good spirit of Marxism, they state that everything they do is a collaborative effort.

Other than posting memes, the group is well known for setting up an unmanned booth at the club fair with a poster board clad in red and accompanied by pictures of Karl Marx and John Lenin inviting people to join their Facebook page. Their most popular post on the page hit 3,400 views according to the representative. The post contained a meme which criticized Calvin College’s decision to become a university three days after Dordt did.

Dordt University Communists can be followed on Facebook @DordtUniversity.


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