Campus reacts to Dordt University logo reveal

Benjamin Boersma–Staff Writer

The public saw the new Dordt University logo for the first time over Defender Days weekend. Since then, posters, signs, and shirts have spread throughout campus, to the delight of some and the dismay of others.

Nate Wolf, Dordt’s head cross country coach, attended the logo reveal in the Campus Center.


Contributed Photo

“It was different from what I thought,” he said. “It looked more like an established, academic logo.”

Dordt’s Provost, Dr. Eric Forseth, arrived at the logo reveal to a packed house.

“It was standing room only,” he said. “I couldn’t even find a location up close.”

Sarah Moss, Dordt’s marketing and communications director, estimated that a crowd of 500 people were present at the logo reveal.

“We thought it would be fun to celebrate the university initiative,” she said. “Defender Days is a good time because it’s one of the biggest on-campus events of the year.”

Overall, reactions to the new logo have been mixed, with some students and staff expressing strong criticism, while others said they loved the new look.

“It was visually appealing,” freshman Payton Kooi said.

Wolf, was optimistic about the amount chanding the logo would affect athletics.

“You don’t see the official logo in athletics often,” he said. “Teams usually use the athletic logos.”

Currently, each team uses a variation of the athletic logo. The cross country and track teams use a Dordt shield with the Defender mascot for their warmup gear. The basketball team uses the same shield, but instead of a Defender, they have a gold “D.” Because of this, most of the teams won’t have to completely change their look. Bigger changes will take place on campus, online, and in promotional materials.

“When students set foot on campus next fall, they will see the university logo where they once saw the DC-cross logo,” said Moss.

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