Movie Review: Venom

Evangeline Colarossi—Staff Writer


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Venom: the parasitic movie certainly isn’t what most people were expecting. Released so close to Halloween and marketed with a seemingly psychotic thriller trailer, it led audiences to expect more bloodshed and less clever bantering. But despite the differences, the movie was definitely not a complete letdown.

Investigative journalist Eddie Brock is played by Tom Hardy, a man who has acted in way too many movies for me to have a good explanation for not recognizing him. Michelle Williams (The Greatest Showman) plays his romantic counterpart, Anne Weying – at one point his fiancée and after he commits his first big mistake – his ex. Riz Ahmed claimed the role of Carlton Drake, an extremely ambitious entrepreneur with very little moral compass and a bad case of the cliché villain arm raises.

After the symbiotic Venom and several others get brought to earth, Drake uses the parasites for human testing and Brock steels himself to bring Drake down. When Brock sneaks into the lab to take pictures, he ends up leaving with a freeloader: Venom.

Using his newfound predicament to deal with noisy neighbors, Hardy finds himself enjoying the power that comes with Venom, despite the fact that they’re killing each other. After learning what Venom does not like to eat, the movie picks up the first real fight scene, and the story really gets moving. Filled with the usual amount of explosions, fistfights, and the crackpot criminal, it is definitely a dynamic supervillain movie.

No one really goes into an MRI without headphones, but what’s a Marvel movie without a few unrealistic things? The fight scenes were the usual amount of unlikely, but that didn’t stop them from being enjoyable. A mix of uncontrollable Venom and a stupefied Hardy produces much of the dialogue that made the movie worth watching.

The action scenes were brilliant. That is until there were four of them. In the ending battle, the fight is a blur of motion and flames. When separated, the characters hold their own in a decent fight scene. It’s hard to decipher what is a blob of tar and hunk of metal and what are the actual characters. With four-in-one, it’s a like a family reunion in an elevator: too close to tell what’s happening, but everyone is uncomfortable.

The conclusion definitely came quickly, but the movie leaves a fairly open ending to sneak into for the upcoming Venom 2. It doesn’t tie itself to Spiderman 3 in any way, if you remember the gothic stage of Tobey Maguire, though we have yet to see if this could be included in future movies.

“What are our chances?” “Pretty much zero.”

These iconic lines from the movie seem to describe it well. Many walked into the theater ready to clench onto their seats in terror and suspense. Instead, they left with grins, void of terror but filled with witty commentary and classic comic book sarcasm. While the movie may have been a large miss for those expecting what the trailers seemed to convey, the ones who came in with no expectations left thoroughly pleased.

If you’re not up for a horror film but want something invigorating and full of incessant sarcasm, Venom is definitely worth watching.

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