David Blevins: Christians in the Media

Alex Van Den Top — Staff Writer

pastedImageSIOUX CENTER, IA – David Blevins, a Belfast News Correspondent for the international multimedia news organization Sky News, stopped by Dordt College on Monday, Oct. 8 to give a presentation on a Christian’s place within the secular media and his place in Irish history.

Dordt is his second stop on a tour of eight colleges and universities around the United States. Some of the main points in his presentation included keeping what he called a “Kingdom Perspective,” the difference between a Christian journalist and a journalist who is a Christian, and an overview of Irish history and how his history fit into it.

Blevins also visited journalism and writing classes. Here he spoke more on the finer points of being a Christian within the media. The evening presentation delved into greater detail on Irish history. Highlights of the presentation included his coverage of the Good Friday Agreement in Belfast and interviewing various world leaders, directors, and other people of power. Despite all these international activities, he stated that a journalist finds the most extraordinary within everyday people.

“So, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to interview two American Presidents, three Irish Presidents, four British Prime Ministers, and five Irish Prime Ministers,” Blevins said. “Who left the greatest impression? None of the above. Through my experience, I’ve found that it’s the ordinary people who have endured extraordinary situations.”

In regard to being a Christian within the media, he emphasized the importance of reporting and seeking the truth with objectivity just like his Christian faith encourages him to seek out the truth of the Gospel. By keeping his Christian values and opinions out of the news, he considers himself a journalist who is a Christian, rather than a Christian journalist. He is able to look at the news objectively by keeping what he called a “kingdom perspective,” a perspective that focuses on the life we live on earth being temporary and that all that we do is leading up to life in heaven. He also had a message for Christians who read, watch, and listen to the news every day.

“We need to deliberately read articles by people we disagree with,” Blevins said in an interview after the presentation. “We’ve got to understand how other people have been thinking. Look at how other media organizations outside the U.S. report on the U.S. We need to broaden our horizons.”

David Blevins has been a broadcast journalist with Sky News for 22 years. He has also worked in radio news and print journalism. You can listen in to the full audio interview here:

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