Dordt wins against College Saint of Mary after game cancellation

Joshua Meribole–Staff Writer

On Monday, Dordt’s women’s varsity soccer team played against College of Saint Mary, winning 2-1.

During the first half of the game, both teams struggled to break through each other’s defenses, with possession moving back and forth between teams.

With about five minutes remaining in the first half, Dordt scored.

After the Dordt goal, College of Saint Mary’s attacked more furiously in the last minutes of the half, desperate to score a goal. Toward the end of the second half, they were successful in drawing a tie.

The game was taken to extra time in which the first team to score would win. Dordt scored and sealed the victory.

The Dordt versus College of Saint Mary game was scheduled for last week. On Saturday, Oct. 6, family and friends arrived at the field to watch the varsity women play. However, as the crowds gathered to watch the game begin at 1 p.m., the officials for the game failed to show up due to a mix-up. This forced the teams to postpone the game to this past Monday.

Coach Bill Elgersma said that officials typically contact the schools the day before a game to provide information including the colors that they need to wear.

However, he said, this may not occur every time. Officials usually turn up an hour before the game starts to check the condition of the soccer pitch. Nonetheless, an hour before the game the officials were not present.

The absence of officials an hour before the game is not uncommon, but as still no officiating crew appeared a half-hour to the game, Elgersma said that he began to worry.

As the time reached 1 p.m., both teams remained on the sidelines waiting to play.

“In 30 years of coaching, I have never had this happen,” Elgersma said.

The assigner said that they could get officials on the pitch later, pushing the game to 7 p.m. Elgersma said he let Saint Mary make the decision because they traveled the distance.

Colten Schreur, a player on men’s soccer team, said that a person came over to tell those in the stands that the game would not be starting immediately. He left the game and looked through his windows later on to see if it had started.

The incident led both teams to play four games in seven days.

“Can I really expect college athletes who are students, to play four games in seven days, [and] not be affected by their classes, not to have their class work be affected by what goes on in the fields?” Elgersma said.

The mix-up also forced Dordt players to stay on campus during Heartland Break.
Elgersma doubts the mix-up will happen again.

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