Agriculture Internship Opportunities at Riverview

Sarah Widener–Staff Writer
At noon on Monday, Oct. 1, students gathered in the Science Building to hear about internship opportunities at Riverview while devouring fresh pizza. Riverview is an agriculture (Ag) company employing roughly 1,300 people that is stationed in South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Joan Spaeth, a representative of Riverview, presented a fifty minute presentation to students in which she explained the company’s core values, job opportunities, and culture. Riverview has five core values, the first of which is integrity. Spaeth expanded on the concept of integrity by stating, “Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching you.” The second core value held by Riverview is candor. Simply put, this means being upfront and honest with others. This core value is followed by the common phrase, “keep it simple.” The final two core values of Riverview are maintaining a spirit of humility and building a strong work ethic.

Riverview offers college students a unique internship experience as it is one of the few Ag companies that allows employees to proudly proclaim their relationship with Christ. Rachel Hatfield, a senior at Dordt, shared about her experience interning at Riverview this past summer. Hatfield worked with dairy cows, learning Spanish and the different aspects of dairy over a period of 10 weeks. She appreciated the flexibility of the program, which allowed her to broaden her education by taking a week off during the internship to visit Europe. She also enjoyed learning how to pregnancy check cows and speak Spanish. Hatfield encourages students to explore this internship opportunity and start on the application process.

“We reserve Sundays for God. We don’t work on Sundays except to tend the animals. That’s an important part of how we work as believers,” Spaeth said, as she explained the company culture. Spaeth also offered some advice to students entering careers in all fields. “We are who we are whether we are at work or off work always representing our best selves.”

From Spaeth’s presentation, it was evident that serving God in the fields is Riverview’s mission. Students left the presentation with a taste of what working at Riverview is like.
The deadline for internship applications to Riverview is Oct. 31. Applications can be found online at


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