Science, Faith, or Both?

Danielle Schultz–Staff Writer

A new club is making its appearance on Dordt’s campus this year—or rather an old club is being revived again: the Science and Faith Club.

The goal of the club, according to co-leaders Brooke Altena and Chloe Hansum, is to create a space where people feel free to have difficult conversations about science and faith in a Christ-like manner.

“We don’t want people to feel like they have to choose between studying science and faith,” Hansum said.

The club does not push a specific view but instead encourages students to listen with open minds and respectfully express their own opinions.

“We both have passions for these topics [science and faith] and we’d like to help lead the community in conversation,” Altena said.

Some Dordt students may have already heard about the Science and Faith Club’s big event for the year: “Origins Conversation with Todd Wood and Darrel Falk.” This event, which will take place on Oct. 26 from 7-9 p.m. in Science Building 1606, will feature a discussion between evolutionary creationist Darrel Falk and young-earth creationist Todd Wood, Christians who hold opposing views on origins but are able to have a respectful conversation about it because of their faith.

“If you’ve ever struggled with how science relates to your faith, I think this conversation would be of great help to you,” Altena said.

Anyone is invited to attend the event, but if students are interested in further pursing their own conversations about science and faith, the co-leaders would encourage them to also join the Science and Faith Club.

“It’s a place to fellowship together and learn about other views…where we can learn how to have a Christian conversation no matter how difficult the topic,” Hansum said.
If you are interested in joining the Science and Faith Club, please contact Chloe Hansum or Brooke Altena via Dordt email. The “Origins Conversation with Todd Wood and Darrel Falk” event is free, but there are limited seats, so be sure to register at if interested.

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