Student symposium renamed to Student government

Juliana Martinez–Staff Writer

Few students really knew what Dordt Student Symposium was all about — nor what the word symposium even meant. In May 2018, Dordt’s student council was officially renamed Student Government so that students and faculty could better understand the purpose of the organization.

According to Megan Van Den Berg, the club’s senior chair, “Student Symposium is Student Government…the old name was just a barrier.”

Student Government has two main purposes. First, it serves as a mediator between faculty and students. Student representatives from every educational department and residence building are elected to meet with campus leaders, such as the dining staff or computer services employees, to better understand their functions on campus.

Student leaders can then point their peers in the right direction when they are confused about meal plans, are having computer troubles, or need to speak with other specialists on campus.

The second main function is to fund clubs. Any student wishing to start up a new club can request to meet with Student Government to receive the Dordt stamp of approval. Clubs may also request funding for events, and the process is effective and efficient.

Dordt is all about community; Student Government is just one more way that Defenders can be engaged on campus. Perhaps the most important role of Student Government officials is that of a representative: they must listen to fellow students and bring the best ideas back to campus leaders.

Have any questions about club establishment or suggestions on how to make Dordt even better? Email your thoughts to

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