Student government organizes joint bible study and club fair

Emma Stoltzfus — Staff Writer

Dordt’s fall club fair took place in the Grille on Sept. 27. In a new step this year, the event showcased both Dordt clubs and the various small Bible study groups meeting around campus.

Above club posters, the projector that would later display songs for Praise and Worship showed information for almost 40 different Bible studies.

Most Bible studies listed specific target audiences: the dance team, Korean community, certain wings, freshmen girls, or simply “people searching for joy.”

Megan Van Den Berg is the senior chair of Dordt’s Student Government and has been working in various positions of the organization since her sophomore year. In terms of last year’s fair, she said, “I was flying blind; I had no idea what I was doing.”

This year the club fair took place a month earlier—a good thing, Van Den Berg said—and collaborated with student ministries to publicize both clubs and Bible studies on campus.
She and the rest of the 17-member board meet every Wednesday with different departments on campus. They use those opportunities to connect with campus organizations—like Dordt Dining Services or computer services—to give and receive feedback.

Van Den Berg described the role of Student Government as a “mediator” and said that this year they are “vamping up” after their name change from Student Symposium. One goal is to make themselves more known and connect with students to get feedback and develop their role as mediator.

At the club fair, many booths present gave out candy and information about their respective events and meetings. Most had some form of sign-up sheet where students could put down their name and contact information. Even the Dordt College Communist Party had a display and pile of “rations”—though without a representative, as usual.

Chloe Hansum ran both the Science and Faith Club and the Sustainability Committee displays at the club fair. She said the fair is a great event to build up club members and awareness.
Representatives of the Swing Dance Club broke out into dance several times throughout the evening and the new Roundnet Club had a spikeball net leaning against their table.

To help promote the event, Student Government gave each club present $30 and had free popcorn available for students. Van Den Berg was at the Grille an hour and a half before the fair’s start, talking to clubs and making sure everything went smoothly.

Less than half an hour after the tables finished breaking down, students singing at Thursday night Praise and Worship replaced the small group display and club booths.

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