Flooding in East Campus

Tess Hemmila – Staff Writer

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With the rainfall of recent weeks, some residents of East Campus apartments have experienced flooding, ranging from minor amounts of water seeping through the windows to flooding severe enough to cause students to relocate. While most basement apartments made it through the rain unscathed, some apartments were damaged and are still empty while being fixed.

While the flooding was a particularly difficult situation, residents of the six buildings that comprise East Campus apartments are no strangers to unsatisfactory housing conditions. Among some of the maintenance issues are broken appliances, minor flooding and even cases of mold in the apartments.

Ebby Prewitt, a resident of Building D, has experienced various maintenance issues in her time at East Campus. Ebby and her roommates have reported broken showers, a broken garbage disposal, and unreliable lights in the apartment.

“The layout of the apartments is nice, they’re just old,” Prewitt said. “At this point, they need to renovate them, and then continue to keep up with them—keep them feeling new.”

In a more extreme case, junior Lexi Meendering was forced to relocate due to a case of mold in her apartment. Lexi and her roommates originally moved into one of the basement apartments in East Campus Building C at the beginning of the semester. However, the girls were quickly moved to Building A after they discovered one of the bedroom walls had white mold covering the baseboards.

“It was annoying to move and then have other problems with our new apartment, like our sink breaking,” Meendering said.

Some students believe that the cost of living in East apartments is far too high when you evaluate the condition of the dorms compared to Southview or Kuyper. The semester price of apartment-style living is $3,730 per person. This amount is even more impressive after factoring in the three to five residents in every apartment, meaning that the room’s total cost comes to $63.94 to $106.57 per night spent on campus.

Many students view East Campus as the last resort of the apartment buildings. As the oldest apartment-style building on campus, East has some serious drawbacks compared to the newer and more comfortable Kuyper and Southview buildings. With the housing applications for sophomores and juniors fast approaching, some students are already trying to strategize to get into their desired apartment building.

“East Campus needs some massive improvements,” said sophomore Katie Bogle. “Students are already taking huge measures to avoid being placed in East Campus apartments next year.”

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