Cookout fails to capture students

Garth Van Donselaar–Staff Writer

Even the allure of free food could not keep the attendance numbers up forthe annual CDA cookout on Thursday, September 27. The field behind Southview Apartments served as the location for the event, closer than the last year’s festivities at Open Space Park.

Despite the convenient location, temperatures in the 50s proved to be an issue, and the few students who went seemed to have grabbed their food and simply left. Even with students leaving earlier than normal, attendance remained low.

“I would’ve gone if I had known about it. I had already eaten dinner because nobody told us about it,” said senior Brandon Dotinga. As is turns out, residents living on the 3rd and 4th floor of Kuyper Apartments never heard a notification of the event by their CDA, senior Caleb Smith.

Caleb Smith admitted that he had forgotten to notify residents of the event, but pointed out to other advertising existing, such as poster and The Weekly. Posters for the event were hung up, but The Weekly sent out on Tuesday did not mention the cookout.

“I did not know it was going down, and I live right outside of it,” senior Makeila Shortenhaus said.  Her room on the 1st floor of Southview sits right next to the back field.

Other residents of the 1st and 2nd floors of Southview claimed they never heard from their CDA about the cookout. However, information regarding the cookout  came in the last line of an email Friday before. Most of the email spoke about the Fiesta.

Senior Abby Smith, another CDA, said she emailed her residents the day of and did not appear to have an issue.

“The way we found out [about the cookout] was by looking out our window,” said Logan Kaskie, a resident of Kuyper’s 3rd floor. Many upperclassmen would rely on word-of-mouth through their friends to hear about the event itself.

“Free brats are always a plus, because I love brats,” joked senior Amber Ybema. Like Ybema, students complimented the idea of the cookout and the food offered.

Fifteen minutes after the start of the event, Director of Resident Life, Derek Buteyn, ran to grab more plates, as they ran out. The cookout also ran out of chips.

“It’s difficult for our end too, especially going from RA to CDA, you just never know how many upperclassmen are going to come,” said Abby Smith.

Despite the efforts of the CDAs in organizing the cookout, their reputation amongst residents has taken a hit.

“Dordt seems to be big on community but the CDAs don’t promote it,” said senior Joel Scholten.

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