The World in One Table

Haemi Kim–Staff Writer

International potluck (2)

Photo by Hyun Jin Lim

On Friday, Sept. 28, Students Without Borders Club, also known as SWB, started their year with international students, domestic students, and friendship families all coming together to have a taste of each other’s cultures during their first event, the International Potluck.

The food was from all over the world: Asian, African, European, North American, and South American. Sarah Ryan, a junior and domestic student at Dordt, also brought international foods to share different cultures that she has experienced. “It’s always fun, cooking food together and share different cultures mixing from my own culture as well as my experience in Nicaragua, with Antonio [Dordt Freshmen], who has also been to Nicaragua as well and Hannah and Cheyanne who were neighbors [at East Campus Apartment] to help out,” Ryan said.

During the potluck, people shared cultural bonds with food and each other.

International potluck

Photo by Haemi Kim

“When I first tasted this snack, the visual was so-so, so I didn’t expect it but when I tried it opened my eyes,” said Kyungmin Lee, a freshman who found her “life chip” after trying the Indonesian chips, Keripik kentang

Eun Cho, another freshman student, had the opportunity to teach a common South Korean hand-clapping game, to Manuela Ayee, an engineering professor. “At first it was hard to teach the rule for this game, but she was good at learning this game, so after we learned and played this game, it was so fun and it was very cool to play our country’s game with other people from another country,” Cho said.

“Having a potluck not only draws people’s attention, but it creates an idea of several cultures coming together to sit down at one table. It is like we are all part of a big family,” said Sophia Shin, president of Students Without Borders. “It was a great turn out and I enjoyed trying different kinds of foods.”

International potluck-2.jpg

Photo by Sophia Shin

Student Without Borders exists to give international students an opportunity to share their culture with other students and the community. The club has two big events: Curry Craze in the fall and the Cultural Fair in the spring. They also have smaller events throughout the year.

After a successful kick-off event, the Students Without Borders Club is now advertising their next event, the Curry Craze, which will be held on Saturday, Oct. 13.



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