Action! Filming for football

Connor Van Hulzen–Guest Writer

The Dordt College football team is made up of over 100 players and around 10 coaches. There is, however, a part of the team that does not get too much recognition but is nevertheless very important to the improvement of the team.

When the Dordt football players arrive on campus nearly a week before classes start, the film team does as well. The film team this year is comprised of six students who are all participating through the work-study program.

“I was looking for a job at Dordt, and when they offered me the filming job I took it,” said Joel Driesen a junior and film team member. “I took it because I loved football and because I knew I wouldn’t continue playing in college, I figured filming would be the next best thing.”

Just like the players on the football team, the students on the film team go to every practice, scrimmage and game, rain, snow, or shine, in order to capture all the film needed to study and improve. Once the film is captured and uploaded online, the coaches watch the film and take notes, which they then present to the team in meetings.

Tight ends and running backs coach Griffin Pelot is also the film coordinator. “It varies from day to day, but after most practices I watch two to three hours of film,” he said. “After games, it’s probably around six or seven hours of reviewing the film.”

The job may not be glamorous or draw much attention, but they are an essential part of helping to make the team better. Because of them, coaches are able to better notice mistakes being made and work to correct them before the players are put into a game situation. Pelot said that as a college football player at Dordt, he watched three to four hours of game film, and around an hour of film each day after practice.

Filming for the football team is a unique work-study that allows for moments of bonding with the team and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. When asked about his favorite memory of being a member of the film team, Driesen said, “During my freshman year, on the way to an away game against Hastings College, the football team got to practice in The University of Nebraska’s stadium, which was really cool—even though I’m a Hawkeyes fan.”

Being a member of the film team is being a part of the football team. They might not be on the sidelines, but they do contribute to the product on the field through their work in the press box or on the scissor lift. Even though they do not wear pads or catch, throw, or kick a football, the film team members are an integral part of a larger effort to make the Dordt football team as competitive as they can be.

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