Furry friends doggedly visit campus

Alicia Bonestroo–Staff Writer

Despite the cold wind and threat of rain, sophomore Emily Schuiteman had brought two furry creatures, Jett and Jada, to campus last Thursday. The two schnoodles – poodle and schnauzer mixes – had donned their sweaters and were ecstatic whenever someone walked past.

While not everyone stopped, those that did seemed to leave happier. Demetrius Rowser, a sophomore, ran to the dogs, saying “Dogs! Gotta pet them!” before continuing on his way.

Schuiteman’s idea to share her dogs with other students came to her while working on a paper about how the campus could be improved. In her research, she found dogs were scientifically proven to decrease stress. And she knew a lot of stressed college students.

“I want others to enjoy them.” she said.  “It’s tough leaving home and your parents, and it’s hard not to come home to a wagging tail,”

Dordt does not allow pets in the dorms, but, as Schuiteman is a Sioux Center native, her dogs are always close by. Schuiteman’s mom raised Jada and Jett form puppyhood. The family just delivered a new litter Wednesday.

Apparently, the dogs enjoy coming just as much as the students love seeing them. When coming to Dordt was still new to them, whenever their sweaters or vests would come out and Emily would ask “Want to go see the kids?” the dogs would lose it, jumping, running around and barking. Now, she only has to ask and they are ready for duty.

On the last few visits, Jada and Jett have been joined by their puppy friends George and Jack. They did not make it on Thursday because they were in Sioux City.

If you’re worried about allergies, don’t be. The schnoodle breed is actually very hypoallergenic because of their poodle side. In other words, these guys don’t shed! They’re also quiet: they will whine for pets every once in a while, and Jada likes to give kisses, but on the whole, the two are very friendly and well-behaved.

Jett and Jada also have an Instagram under the name dordtdogs. If you missed them Thursday, don’t worry. Schuiteman is currently planning on bringing them Tuesdays and Thursdays between 5:15 and 6:15. The schedule may change, but, either way, you’ll still see these furry friends regularly.

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