New Coach, new challenge

Alex Van Den Top–Staff Writer

Brian Van Haaften is the newly appointed head coach of men’s basketball at Dordt College and he has got some big expectations.


Photo by BVU’s The Tack

“I think we can be a top 4 team in the GPAC conference. I think we are a very dangerous team with good balance that can compete night in and night out” Van Haaften stated, “We got a lot of young athletic players that Ross Douma and the coaching staff did a great job last season getting the younger guys in and I think we’re in a real good place to compete this year. I’m excited.”

Last season, the varsity men’s basketball team finished 12-19 overall (6-12 in the GPAC conference). Needless to say, a fairly lackluster season.

However, Coach Van Haaften has got quite the pedigree and plans on turning things around. Racking up over four hundred wins and a little under 200 losses over the course of 10 years with Buena Vista, it’s apparent he knows how to win. He also stacked up five consecutive Iowa conference tourneys from 2001-2006 (Brian Van Haaften).

After having so much success with the Buena Vista basketball program over a decade, what’s the cause for the change of scenery for Coach Van Haaften? While it may take more than one interview to answer that question, according to him he’s just looking forward to a new challenge.

“I’m looking forward to finding a new way of coaching. It’s a young man’s game,” He added with a dry smile, “and I’m not a young man anymore, but I’m still looking forward to coaching in a different way and the different challenges that they may present.”

With GPAC conference basketball right around the corner, we’ll see how Brian Van Haaften handles his new position.

For more information, you can listen in to the full podcast feature of Coach Van Haaften:


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