Pep band rallies for another school year

Garth Van Donselaar—Staff Writer

Dordt College Pep Band has begun practicing for the school year, preparing to play for Dordt’s athletic teams during home matches.

The members of the band could not be more excited for an opportunity to cheer on their fellow Defenders.

“Pep band is a great opportunity make some noise and be rowdy,” junior Levi Smith said, “but also use a skill that you have… to support what this school is doing.” Smith has played the French horn in the band for three years.


Photo by Adri Van Groningen

Daniel Seaman, a senior who directs and organizes pep band, and expresses a similar sentiment. “I’m excited to be working with different students this year,” he said. Seaman also notes the diversity of students who join pep band, from those in concert band to those who are not even in an ensemble at Dordt.


One such student is sophomore saxophonist Cody Meiners, as he does not have enough time to commit to another major ensemble. “It’s a chance to get together with people and play music,” he said.

While the pep band may be under the music department’s direction, the entire pep band operation is student-led and student-run, with Seaman calling the shots. Seaman began to assume responsibilities of pep band two and half years ago and is currently searching for another student to replace him after he graduates this coming spring.

“We go out and try to perform good, quality music for the public sphere,” Seaman said, acknowledging the pressure to represent the music department on the field.

The Dordt College Pep Band plans to perform at about nine games throughout the school year, mostly during the fall semester. Seaman says that schedules cause conflicts which make it hard to find games to play at, but, “we still enjoy the opportunities to perform and play at home events.”

If anyone is interested in joining the pep band, Seaman notes that regardless of skill, students can contact him via email for more details. Students are also welcome to reach out to Seamen for inquiries about instrumental rentals.

“We would like to continue to grow and provide this opportunity to create great music for any and all who are interested,” he said.

The ensemble first performed at the home football game on Sept. 15.

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