New grinds at the coffee shop

Emma Stoltzfus — Staff Writer


Photo by Emma Stoltzfus

Dordt College’s coffee shops have a new look and flavor.

Over the summer the Dordt College Business Club (DCBC) made numerous updates to the appearance of 55th Avenue—including a paint job and new artwork.

The new brand—Café Bustelo—brings with it updated coffee machines that can make 10 different drinks. Bright red and yellow menus next to the register display an image-based selection of drinks under English and Spanish labels.

The new drinks can be either hot or iced and come with different ratios of milk, coffee and chocolate.

According to senior Bethany Eps, co-president of DCBC, the decision to switch coffee brands came about due to a combination of problems with the previous coffee machines and consideration of student’s input. By the final board meeting of last semester, the decision had been narrowed down to two brands. “We decided to go with Café Bustelo because it was fun and brilliant and something we wanted,” Van Eps said.

The new brand actually shrunk DCBC’s profit margin, but Van Eps said the club had built up enough profit to do something really special for the students.

Breanna Sterenberg and Cassie Lenderink are junior accounting majors who have been working with the business club since their sophomore year. They both work at the Bunsen Brew.

When asked about students having difficulty ordering drinks by their Spanish label, the two laughed and said that while some try, most order in English.

Lenderink says she likes the new brand. “I love the chocolate [café con chocolate], especially if you add a little bit of flavoring.”

She also mentioned how much better the new machines work than the old ones. “There would be problems every shift and they knew they had to get something new.”

CafeBustelo.jpgThe new artwork displayed in 55th Avenue actually isn’t all that new. Van Eps explained how board members found a large picture of Dordt’s layout behind a fridge while they were painting the walls. It now rests in a place of honor on the fresh grey paint of 55th.

Beyond the new coffee and decorations, DCBC is looking at making some updates within the club itself. According to Van Eps, the club is hoping to create an added focus on their members beyond the big field trip and shifts in the coffee shops. Ideas include speakers and workshops that will help build a stronger core within the club.

While the DCBC moves forward in their changes, bright red and yellow cups are seen all over campus.




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