VB: aiming for championship

Joshua Meribole–Staff Writer

Tuesday, September 11, Dordt College women’s volleyball defeated Northwestern 3-0. Dordt College has played 11 games so far this season, winning nine and losing two.

Volleyball PC-Sawyer

Photos by: Sawyer Strelnieks

As the new season dawns, coach Chad Hanson said that Dordt faces several challenges such as finding out who the starting players will be and the team’s chemistry.

“On the court there are many decisions and reaction(s) that are made in split second in time. And as the seasons begin, sometimes we have forgotten the on-court decision of who takes what ball.” Chad Hanson said.

Hanson says that the team’s chemistry has improved as the players practice and play more with each other.

“The time that it takes a team to form and get used to each other is a month or two,” says Hanson. “So, by the chemistry of the last season we were very familiar with one and other. We had very understanding roles from one player to the next on the court. And graduation happens, and the chemistry gets re-shuffled.”

Hanson is the coach for both men and women’s volleyball. He has coached women’s volleyball for 8 seasons, and men for 4 seasons.

“You never know what to expect going into a new season because it is a change to lose people and add other people. It’s just like you go from the norm of what you know, to just completely changing that. This year is kind of nice that we did no lose too many and so we still have our core senior group,” says Leah Kamp a senior. “But we definitely love the freshman with open arms, they have been awesome, and they have been really easy to get to know.”

Volleyball1 PC-SawyerLast year, Dordt came second in the GPAC competition for the second year in a row.

“I feel like it is also a lot of pressure to go to,” says Aubrey Drake, a senior and a defensive specialist on the team. Aubrey has been playing volleyball since her freshman year. “We are trying to take it as a new season. Even though we have a lot of the same players playing, we are trying to take it as a new team.”

Hanson says “The Hanson Hope” for his team is that they grow spiritually, academically, and become more involved with the community. For competition, the coach has said that he hopes that they would have a strong team that would enable them to win both GPAC and NAIA.

The GPAC rankings for colleges are due to come out this week.


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