B.J. Haan: “Cease degradation of our sacred institutions”

B.J. Haan – Ghost of Former College President

It has become abundantly clear that Dordt College no longer holds to the Christian principles it was founded upon. I have observed this troubling trend from afar, and have seen signs of corruption spreading like leaven, corrupting the whole. It started off small enough: a weekend dance unpunished here, a card game there; but Christian discipline was not maintained, and now a guest, Losh Jarsen, has been invited to speak on the topic of movies as prayer. What can be more emblematic of the licentious attitudes present at this institution than inviting a known Arminian to discuss the merits of film? This is a disgrace, and a perversion of the institutional mandate of Dordt College as a bastion of Biblical principles in education.

It has long been understood in the reformed tradition that theatre and its modern accomplice, film, are contrary to Christian values. They serve to corrupt the youth, turning our young men into unscrupulous hooligans and our young women into recalcitrant vagabonds. Abraham Kuyper warned us of this nearly two centuries ago, and we do well to heed the words of such a wise and Christian man. Modern films, as Kuyper noted, are “purchased at the cost of manly character and of female purity.”

NEWNoah2014PosterWhile on the unwholesome topic of women in theatre and film, it must be stated that the film Mr. Larsen chose to represent, a so-called “prayer of confession,” has in its lead role a 14-year-old girl. Needless to say, it is beyond doubt that this young girl has been morally corrupted by acting in a film that encourages drinking to excess, using the LORD’s name in vain and fornication! If this heresy is not stopped now, our children will be led down the path to Lucifer, under our very noses! As I clearly said in my Life Magazine piece in 1948, Hollywood is a hindrance to the Kingdom of God, and an enemy of Christ. God will not stand for this debauchery, and neither will I. The institution I established was founded on Biblical principles, but it is being taken over by hooligans and heretics, theatricals and thugs. We must reclaim Dordt College and bring it back to secure reformed roots, lest Satan take hold and corrupt the vine of Sioux Center.

Mr. Larsen claims that God will accept the films of debased unbelievers as prayer. Will our LORD next accept the dancing of the Whore of Babylon as praise unto Him? Nay! And neither will He accept the “offerings” of charlatans and usurers who profit off of the moral degradation of the weaker sex. Let us be forewarned that, if we are unable to cleanse ourselves of this lechery, we will be cut off by God as a branch that does not bear fruit. We will be cast into the fire and burned. God will give us over to our sinful desires, and, as the Word of the LORD sayeth: “They sacrifice upon the tops of the mountains, and burn incense upon the hills, under oaks and poplars and elms, because the shadow thereof is good: therefore your daughters shall commit whoredom and your spouses shall commit adultery.”

If this embrace of film persists, I demand that the framed photograph of my Life Magazine article be removed from President Erik Hoekstra’s office and my name taken off of the B.J. Haan auditorium where such heinous activities like the Prairie Grass Film Challenge are held. Toleration of this perverted view of film, if unchecked, will lead to the ruin of Dordt College as a reformed institution of higher education.


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