Students organize Fortnite Club

Lawyer Trailmix—Staff Writer

The popular game Fortnite recently released its mobile version of the game for IOS and Android devices, which quickly shattered records from previous games such as Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, and Pokémon Go.

Fortnite is one of the fastest-growing games the world has ever seen, estimated to include somewhere near 3.4 million concurrent players. And the majority of those players come from Dordt.

But this is bad news for the school, according to some of the professors.
“I have a strict phone and laptop policy during class for a reason,” said Physics prof Dr. John Zwart. “Having devices out when students are supposed to be taking notes only means bad news.”

Reviews of the new Club are not all bad, however.

“I think having a Fortnite Club at the school will help ease the temptation to play during class, with students instead getting together with others on specified nights to play,” Zwart continued.


FEATURE fortniteclub

Photo By: Sandy Cheeks

Students’ excitement about the club, which has already met a few times, is growing. Not only is it a fast-growing club, it has also been bringing in money as students stream when they play. This makes the club one of the most sustainable on campus, according to Student Government.


Fortnite has become a profession for some around the world. Stories have circulated of gamers making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month streaming their games as they play. Seeing the profit to be made from this opportunity, the college has demanded that whoever signs up for the new club must also stream as they play to bring in even more money for the school.

Dordt saw profits of over $150,000 from the first two club meetings after this ruling. That money will be put towards gaming consoles and improved Wi-Fi throughout the whole campus so that students can continue to enjoy building Fortnite’s indefensible shelters and knocking them down.

Club president Forrest G. Night said he is excited to see the club grow with all the support that is coming from the school and community.

“I started this club in my dorm before the game got big,” said Night. “Now there is talk of campus-wide Wi-Fi improvement and possibly even the construction of a Fortnite Club building in the near future, probably in place of the current classroom building.”

Still, Night never thought his club would grow like it did. He said for now the club has reached maximum capacity and anyone wanting to join must go through extremely rigorous testing of their Fortnite skills to determine if they deserve to be a part of this prestigious organization.

Those looking to join will have to set up individual meetings with Night throughout the week to test their skills. But unless you are “Ninja good,” the odds of getting in are less than getting a perfect March Madness Bracket: 1 in 9.2 quintillion (see article “Student wins big for perfect bracket”).

The next club meeting will be this Friday, starting at 5pm. Night and other club representatives apologize in advance for hogging the Wi-Fi this Friday evening as they “Fortnite it up.”



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