Athletic director Douma decided to coach all Dordt sports himself

Minnie Applis-Staff Writer

After numerous coaching changes at Dordt this offseason, new athletic director Ross Douma has decided he will coach every team himself. Not perturbed by the scheduling nightmare this may bring, Douma is overjoyed with this new opportunity.

“I needed a new challenge in my life,” Douma said. “Athletic director is one thing, but I didn’t feel that was quite enough.”


Ross Douma

Photo From March 2017 Zircon 

In order for Douma to be present at all the practices, sports will start at 6 a.m. and go all day, one right after the other, five days a week. If an athlete has a class at the same time their practice is scheduled, they’re out of luck. Douma says athletes have to pick class or practice. Teams will alternate practice times so athletes won’t always miss the same classes.


 An advantage to this change is the consistency.

 “You always hear the saying, ‘Consistency is key,’ and we really wanted to capitalize on that here at Dordt,” Douma said.

 Where are all of the other head coaches going? The coaches that Douma is replacing will assist him in coaching, but only if they pick a new sport they know very little about.

 “I couldn’t be the only one with a new challenge,” Douma said.

 Previous head football coach Joel Penner is ecstatic about helping out with men’s and women’s volleyball in the coming year.

 “Ya know, I was getting kind of bored with football anyways,” Penner said. “Guys just hitting other guys to move a ball down the field? Where’s the element of surprise in that?”

 Dordt’s new coaches will even be involved in the restructuring, something they didn’t know they signed up for by accepting their new position.

 “I thought I would be coaching men’s basketball, but I was just informed that I’ll actually be assisting with softball,” said new hire Brian Van Haaften. “Not exactly my area of specialty, but I guess you’re never too old to learn a new sport.”

 This new plan will be implemented in the 2018-2019 school year. Be sure to attend next year’s sporting events to see how our Defender teams do under these new changes.

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