NAIA threatens cancellation of defender baseball season

Balec Amellop—Staff Writer

The Dordt College baseball season has been cancelled.

The most recent weather phenomena in the Midwest, known as “Third Winter,” has ruined any possibility of completing the season.

The baseball team has already had several of their games cancelled due to cold, snow and rain. Contrary to popular belief, it is quite difficult to see a white baseball in snow.

The players are disappointed with the proposed ruling by the NAIA that has ended the conference seasons for the Great Plains Athletic Conference (GPAC) and the North Star Conference, both of which are made up of schools from the Upper Plains.

With the seemingly unending blizzard conditions that have affected the area over the last few months, teams have been unable to play or practice outside.

“You know, it’s tough,” said third baseman Chris Schrieber. “I may have to look into playing another sport if we can’t finish our season. Is men’s volleyball still around?”

With the cancellation of the baseball season, some players have looked into joining the track team, but many players remain unsure as to what they will decide to do.

“I don’t know about track,” said junior Steve Tiersma, “it looks like they are dying when they are running and just don’t want to tell anyone.”

The baseball team has rallied together and has simply enjoyed the comradery regardless if they are inside or outside for practices and games.

“We know that it’s tough with all the cancellations,” said senior catcher Josh Van Eps, “but we just have to keep getting better and hopefully we can get hot at the end of the season.”
Coach Monsoon has required all players under scholarship to complete outdoor fielding sessions every morning regardless of weather.

“I don’t care about the weather,” Monsoon said. “I just sit in the warm press box while they suffer. No one said I had to be out there with them.”

Regardless of how many games get played or if the season gets cancelled entirely, one thing is certain: there is no quit in this team. Never has been and never will be, except for the few that quit in late March.

Some teams in the GPAC and North Star conference have relocated in hopes of finding a warmer place to play. However, with so few of the players and coaches who have travelled outside the Midwest, they aren’t sure where to go. Rumors are that the Midland baseball team travelled to Big Arm, MT., and haven’t been able to return due to massive snowstorms.

The Doane University baseball team travelled to Surf City, New Jersey, in hopes of finding warmth, only to be greeted by temperatures in the low teens.
The Dordt baseball team is still searching its options, but they have asked that readers please send any suggestions their way.


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