Netflix banned to improve Wi-Fi

Silence Dogood — Staff Writer

Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, students will not be allowed to watch Netflix using Dordt’s Wi-Fi.

In a move considered extreme by some, the proposed Netflix ban is part of a last-ditch plan to improve the Wi-Fi at Dordt.


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Photo By: Sandy Cheeks

According to statistics from computer services, 70 percent of Dordt’s bandwidth goes to Netflix streaming services. The remaining 30 percent is split between 29 percent Fortnite and one percent school-related usage.


The entertainment site takes up 36.5 percent of bandwidth nation-wide.

The Wi-Fi has been notoriously bad at Dordt College, markedly degrading over the past school year. Multiple attempts to rectify it have taken place over each of the breaks, but the Wi-Fi remains touchy for many users.

“I need Wi-Fi and I need Netflix,” junior Steve McGarrett said. “I physically cannot survive without both.”

Dordt’s Computer Services originally planned on revamping the whole system over the summer. On closer examination of the student population’s bandwidth use, the department decided that limiting the use of Wi-Fi for entertainment would both increase Wi-Fi quality and encourage students to spend more time working on homework.

Student response has been almost overwhelmingly negative.

“My plan is to hack the Dordt Wi-Fi and allow students access to Netflix,” junior Sir Hackalot said. “It’s almost my last year and I need to binge-watch as much as I can before I enter the adult world.”

Coincidently, several new graphic design and business courses are being introduced this fall, including BUAD-231 Business in Entertainment, COMM-227 Filming for TV, and ART-302 Netflix Graphic Design.

While Netflix usage will be banned for the general student population, those taking one of the three new courses will be allowed limited access to Netflix for homework use.

“If Dordt thinks I won’t take any of those classes just because they have nothing to do with my major then they’re wrong,” junior Jim Kirk said.

In anticipation for the potential influx of illegal personal routers, Dordt is hiring an outside agency to block any and all routers aside from the Dordt and DordtGuest Wi-Fi services.

“If they really want to improve the Dordt Wi-Fi, I think they should start with getting a new Wi-Fi service—not banning Netflix,” said senior Jyn Erso.

A peaceful riot regarding the issue is being planned for the afternoon of April 28 around the clock tower.



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