Curling added to intramural schedule for 2018-19

Balec Amellop—Staff Writer

Dordt College is set to introduce curling as the newest intramural opportunity for students. It will be available for students at the beginning of next school year.

After what has been another very long and cold winter, campus administration is looking to give students new opportunities to get their minds off of the temperatures.

“This is going to be great for our students,” said President Eruk Hoekstra. “It will allow them some much-needed stress relief from the long stretch between Christmas and Spring Break.”

According to Hoekstra, if the sport is successful at the intramural level, Dordt will look to add it as a club sport and would join the Collegiate Curling Association of North America (CCANA).

The CCANA has collegiate teams throughout seven countries that span from the northern parts of Canada all the way to Panama in Central America.

If Dordt were to join a conference in the association, they would join the Northern Plains League (NPL), which consists of teams from southern Canada and parts of the United States such as North Dakota A&M, the University of Canada at Saskatchewan, and Ottawa Oaks Catholic Preparatory School.

Even if the sport doesn’t make it to the club level, the excitement about the new intramural opportunity is being felt throughout campus.

“I am looking forward to seeing how the students run with it,” said intramurals coordinator Lynn Nutt. “I think it will be a great opportunity for students unfamiliar with the sport to learn how to play and appreciate it.”

The events will take place on the ice rink in the All Seasons Center on Wednesday evenings from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. The season will span seven weeks with a six-week regular season and a week of playoffs.

The equipment for the sport has been generously donated by regional curling legend Pablo Francisco Ricardo Delarosa Ubaldo Jimenez of Sioux City who is famous for bringing the Dominican Republic its first Olympic curling medal in the 1994 Winter Olympics.

The teams in this intramural sport will compete for the “Iowa is Actually Antarctica” trophy, which is a silver-plated bowl filled with snow.

The wining team will pour the snow in the bowl on the runner-up team after the championship match. Additionally, the champions will get their names inscribed on the side of the trophy.

The excitement for the sport is increasing around campus and it will be great to see the enthusiasm continue as the season gets closer


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