Commons announces Fasting Fridays

Silence Dogood — Staff Write

A new themed meal is coming to the Dordt Commons. However, in contrast to Taco Tuesday and Wild Wing Wednesday—which add special foods each day—Fasting Friday will instead limit eating options

The decision was made in the face of a recent dispute regarding the odd hours required of the Commons staff. Some arrive as early as 5 a.m. to prepare breakfast for the 1,500 students on campus

A trial run for Fasting Fridays will start on April 16. If it is well received, the plan will be instituted permanently starting in the Fall of the 2018-19 school year

Students arriving at the Commons on Fridays will now be greeted by closed doors and a table in the lobby

The debated proposition will drastically cut down on work for the commons staff

“It’s going to be fantastic,” said Commons staff member Pat Pretzel. “There’s basically no prep-work and I’ll pretty much get the day off.”

The alternative dining options on campus–which include the Grille, 55th Avenue, and the Bunsen Brew—are expecting many of the students to turn to them for meals on Fridays 

“I don’t understand why the Commons is doing this,” said sophomore Jan Baguette. “I don’t know how to cook my own food yet and I really don’t like pita bread.

Questions are being asked regarding how “Fasting Friday” will affect prospective students—many of whom get their first impression of Dordt on Friday tours.

“It’s going to be an issue,” Dordt admissions councilor Brian Bagel said. “These high-school students are coming to Dordt expecting to be catered to, and not feeding them will definitely affect the number of incoming freshman.”

Whether the Commons will continue Fasting Fridays after the trial run is debatable, as rumors abound of a potential student boycott on Dordt dining.


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