Northwestern named #1 in Student Engagement

Sandy Sanderford—Staff Writer

FEATURE marriage1You read that right. Northwestern College is next to be named #1 in Student Engagement. In the midst of high tensions between Dordt and NWC, this reporter has taken a closer look into these two schools.

As a whole, Dordt students agree that this is unacceptable. In order to regain their pride, students are engaged in the battle to outdo their competitor.

“We can’t let this happen,” sophomore Sandra Sanderford said. “Ladies must acquire more rings by Spring, and a higher student population must be accumulated.” Rumors are spreading about professors and staff getting notifications that if these new higher standards are not met, they may lose their jobs to those who can get the job done.

But NWC students are confident about their win.

“We definitely deserved it this year, no doubt about it,” said NWC sophomore Brian Vander Vander. “We should have gotten it a long time ago because of all the people who get married on this campus.”

It is not just marriage rates in which NWC is pulling out ahead, but also chapel attendance, academics and number of international students. As Dordt falls behind, worries about the conflict have arisen here on campus.

“We have to rethink everything about our approach to Christian studies,” Dordt chaplain Erin Bartholomew said. “We really tried our best to get students engaged in everything. But the stats say that NWC is better.”

Students are rallying behind Dordt—in the Prairie—to talk about possibly transferring to NWC because their resumes need that #1 in Engagement trophy. NWC students remain calm as they bask in the glory of their win.

The tension from campus to campus is real, maybe one more so than the other, but this resentment makes no difference to those in charge. Little has been done to unite these two colleges, and every year brings more pressure for each to rise above the other.

“There’s absolutely no commonality between these two schools,” said NWC sophomore Janna Van Dum. “Well, besides that each city is in Sioux County, both schools are in the NAIA, both are Reformed Christian colleges, both have tons of churches in a one-mile radius, both are some of the safest cities in Iowa… yeah, not that much in common.”

Note: In order to keep privacy information secure, the author has switched the names of the schools involved.


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