Sioux Center, safest city in Iowa

Zachary Sanford–Staff Writer

Dordt students go to school in what is now regarded as the safest town in Iowa. For a college already listed as number one in student engagement by the Wall Street Journal, students have nothing to worry about.

According to the, Sioux center is the safest town in Iowa based on statistics from violent and property crimes per capita. The website concluded that a total of thirteen crimes were committed last year in Sioux Center. With a population of 7,544, that gives an individual an estimated 1 in 580 chance of being the victim of a crime.

Orange City was listed as the second-safest town.

“We are rooted in a strong basis of faith,” said Sioux Center City Administrator Scott Wynja. “The citizens that live in the Sioux Center community take great pride in looking out for each other, and certainly work for the best interest of all involved.”

Sioux Center was also ranked as the fourth-best Iowan city to live in. Businesses and city administration work together to provide top-notch healthcare services, numerous recreational facilities and programs.

The town listed on were considered based on median home values, income, unemployment rates, crime, health insurance, commute time, poverty rates, levels of education and population.

“We have a very proactive police department and great support from the community in the roles they serve to protect our citizens,” Wynja said. “The mayor and city council continue to support a variety of amenities and services to continue to make this a great place.”

Sioux Center has one of the lowest unemployment rates and 15th-highest median income in the state. Having a college within the small town is an added bonus to the Sioux Center community

On top of Sioux Center’s award, the state of Iowa ranked as the best state to live in America in a US News and World Report study. Iowa was also placed eighth in the Top-10 list for the “Happiest State in the USA.

The statistics behind the success of the state comes from a list of criteria, including the percentage of depressed adults, amount of adequate sleep, suicide rate, long-term unemployment numbers, average work hours, volunteerism, safety ratings, income growth and divorce rates..

Iowa came in third for Long-Term Unemployment, sixth place for Adequate Sleep Rate and Income Growth, and eight place for Separation and Divorce Rate

The Hawkeye State has a population of 3.14 million and 35.7 million acres to farm and develop. Iowa is the number one producer of eatable corn and second to Nebraska for corn feed.

Residents say that it’s the small, quiet and overlooked states who seem to be content and happy for what they have. It could be the people, smell or look of a place that makes you feel at home.

“The sweet smell of hog and cow manure coming from the fields after it rains,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Baljeu. “You know you are from Iowa when you can tell the difference between hog and cow crap. No seriously, it smells like home to me.”


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