Life after the game: Tori Mann

Caleb Pollema—Staff Writer

All athletes dread that moment when their career is finally over and it is time to move on. Most athletes will never forget the last time they lace up their cleats or the last time they take the court.

Many athletes have been shaped by their experiences on the court and on the field. One of those individuals is Dordt women’s soccer player Tori Mann.


Tori Mann Article

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Mann wore number 24 for the Defenders and played in all 19 games this past season. She scored six goals on the year and led the Defenders to a berth in the GPAC Conference tournament.


Even in the end of her soccer career, Mann is thankful for all the sport has done to shape the person she is today.

“I think one thing that has been really big is the experience of being a part of something bigger than myself and being really invested in it,” Mann said.

She explained how you can control your attitude and how it is important to react positively to negative situations by doing what is best for the team.

For Mann, her soccer career has been about more than just the game; it has been about the people that have shaped her along the way. Specifically, her sister, Heidi.

Heidi set an example for Mann early on as the sisters played soccer together in high school.

“She was a role model for me in how to play competitively while not losing sight of the more important things than winning,” Mann said.

She really admired her sister’s ability to influence her teammates both off and on the field, which led her to do the same.

As Mann looks back on her career, she will never forget the end-of-the-year gatherings at Coach Elgersma’s house and the fun the team had.

More than anything, she will miss the tight bond that she had with her teams as well as the Dordt fans that packed the stands for every game.

Mann is thankful for all the lessons she has learned throughout her career, but one stands out.

“You determine who you are by the way you act,” Mann said.

She plans to take this life lesson into her career. She plans to get a job in writing and public relations back home in Colorado Springs after graduation and eventually pursue her master’s degree.

Mann is looking forward to the opportunities ahead of her and is thankful for the many life lessons soccer has taught her along the way.

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