Spring Break Plans

Emma Stoltzfus — Staff Writer

Dordt College’s spring break is swiftly approaching. With just over a week left until the only break in the spring semester, students are making plans. Spring break for Dordt students begins after classes on Mar. 9 and continues until classes begin on Mar. 20.

Where home and school lie in relation to each other sometimes affects whether or not students go home for break.

Tony Zou—a senior from China—will be spending the first few days in California competing in a forensics tournament with the Dordt forensics team before returning to campus for the remainder of break.

Freshman Tristan Van Leeuwen hails from New Jersey and plans on road-tripping to Colorado with his roommate Nick Schnell and a group of friends.

Many students are heading on Dordt-affiliated trips, including members of the concert choir, sports teams, and PLIA (Putting Love Into Action) participants.

PLIA offers Dordt students the opportunity to volunteer in various communities around America over spring break.

Freshman Shannon Oostenink will be heading to Colorado Springs, Colo., with PLIA. While there, Oostenink will be working with Summit Ministries and Evangelical Christian Academy doing cleaning and maintenance and leading chapel.

What Oostenink looks forward to most is “building relationships with people on the trip, God and those I come into contact with on the trip.”

Marti Sutton, a freshman from California, will be traveling to Tucson, Ariz., with the varsity softball and baseball teams for a tournament.

“[The trip there]’s going to be an adventure in and of itself,” Sutton said, “because we’re taking a bus the whole way there instead of flying like most teams.”

Some students will be traveling internationally for break, such as Anne Wright—a sophomore from Minnesota—who will be going on a mission trip to Haiti with her church.

Whether students are planning on staying at Dordt, going home, or traveling, spring break is a much-anticipated rest from homework and classes.



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