Job searching with CDC

Joshua Meribole–Staff Writer

As the Second Semester begins, Dordt student depended on what year they are, begin to prepare and search for jobs or internships.

There several avenues that are made possible to Dordt Student on how they search and prepare for the work field. The Career Development Center is one of the possible avenues as it frequently puts on event for Dordt Students.

On Occasion, there are companies, organizations, and educational institutions that put on booths to attract Dordt Students. But how many students sign up?

For every organization that comes to Dordt, the number of student appear to vary.

 “We don’t really have a way of knowing,” says Amy Westra, Career Center Coordinator. “We don’t have a good system of tracking that yet. It is one of my goals.”

However, Westra explained, the organizations that tend to engage students, get more sign ups than those who did not.

One of the event that the Career Development Center holds is the Job fair. During the Job fair, there were not many jobs available to many of the majors done at Dordt.

The fair advertised jobs related to Engineering, Agriculture and Business fields.

“Its historical and its intentional,” says Westra.

Westra went on to explain that the reason the job fairs are focused on specific majors, is because it allowes a wider variety of companies to come to Dordt. If the job fair contained more companies and organizations that had to do with all the majors at Dordt, there would be, for example, one company per major. However, by making the job fair focused on certain majors, it gives student from some of Dordt’s most enrolled courses, multiple companies to choose from. Westra also added that they were working on hosting a job fair that focused on humanities internships.

Elayne Apol benefitted from the job fair. She currently is doing an Internship at GroSchopp. She said that she handed in her resume however it took them a while to get back to her.

“There teaching me a lot about the manufacturing process,” Apol said.

She went on to explain the benefit of internships.

“It helps you understand what it is your job is going to look like in the future. Having these internships has giving me a better idea of what engineering looks like, what engineers do as well as what I really enjoy and thus what I want to really pursue as I look for future career. And I think that really, really helps. So that when I get to graduation, I am not so overwhelmed’

Over the past years, the Career Development Center has moved more to   introduces Handshake, a LinkedIn-like job search, but made specifically for college student.

The CDC also does other programs such as Resume, cover however, looking at past events such as helping with Resume’s, Cover Letters, LinkedIn profile reviews, Graduate school application and etc.

On February 8th the Career Development Center hosted the Etiquette Dinner.

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