Dordt students advocate for Caring

Evangeline Colarossi—Staff Writer 

Over Christmas break, the AdvoCare National Success School celebrated its 25th Anniversary while hosting a three-day event packed with AdvoCare enthusiasts. Dordt students Paige Visscher and Jacob Vander Wilt were among the many who traveled to Dallas, Texas, to attend the annual AdvoCare health convention.

AdvoCare is a health supplement company built upon 10 main principles, the first being honoring God through faith, family and friends.

“I know that anything that has those principles is something that will go somewhere,” Vander Wilt said.

At the conference, Vander Wilt and Visscher had the opportunity to listen to other AdvoCare users, the creators of the product, and even former United States President George W. Bush.

“We’re so on fire to help others,” Visscher said. “We’ve seen what the products can do for other people as well, and we just want to continue to help other people, feeling and experiencing the same things we do.”

Other principles of AdvoCare include strengthening and respecting families, building up a healthy self-esteem and improving overall physical health. Above all, AdvoCare wants to put people first.

“We want to add value to people’s lives,” Vander Wilt said. “The vision of our founder Charlie Ragus was to help make people become more than what they’d be on their own.”

Selling AdvoCare products was never the main intention of either Vander Wilt or Visscher. After seeing positive results for themselves and their families, both students decided that they wanted to help people through the use of AdvoCare.

“I’ve seen what a winning culture can do for lives,” Vander Wilt said. “That’s just what AdvoCare is all about.”

Vander Wilt is passionate about creating what he calls a winning culture, something he learned in football and wants to continue in his own life. Every day, he wants to be someone who puts forth his all into whatever God has given him. Visscher reflected the same idea.

“Honoring God is through working and giving your best ability,” Vander Wilt said.



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