Feature Athlete: Alec Henrickson

Caleb Pollema and Ashley Huizinga—Staff Writer


Alec Henrickson Athlete Feature Picture

Photo By: Sawyer Strelnieks

Alec Henrickson is a junior Business Administration (Finance) major from Spirit Lake, Iowa. Henrickson, who came to Dordt for the basketball and the education in equal measure, now proudly wears #3 for the Defender men’s basketball team.


As a guard, Henrickson leads the team with an average of 23.3 points per game (13.8 points per game this season). During his last three years of college basketball, he’s amassed over 1000 points—joining the ranks of the college’s 1000 Point Club—despite being injured for several weeks of the season.

Henrickson left Dec. 30th’s Peru State game early in the second half with an injury, according to a DC Athletics January press release, but he still managed to score five points and currently has 1,003 points. He ranks 37th all-time at Dordt.

“My favorite basketball memory at Dordt,” Henrickson says, “was going with the team to Chicago this past summer to do some volunteer activities and play basketball.”

Henrickson started playing basketball when he was 3 years old. Prior to his college career, he looked up to athletes Stephen Curry, JJ Reddick, and Tom Brady. Like those men, he’s intent on getting better and doing what he can to help his team be successful.

“As a team, we just want to keep getting better and better every day,” Henrickson says. “[We] continue to improve and grow closer as a team.”

The current list of Dordt College men’s basketball 1000 point scorers can be accessed online through Dordt.edu under “Recent News.”


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