Hundreds of men brave below freezing temperatures to pray for community

Danny Mooers–Staff Write

The event, labeled as the “1000 Man Stand”, started at the Home Building behind Culvers and ended at the B.J. Haan Auditorium.

The walk began at 7 p.m. and shuttles were provided to transport the men to all different parts of Sioux Center. During the next hour, men young to old walked through side streets to pray over homes, schools and businesses.



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“I’ve had so many people ask me if Sioux Center has done anything like this 1000 Man Stand,” said Aaron Baart, the Dordt College Chaplain and organizer of the event. “I really don’t think we have, I don’t remember the last time we’ve had a men’s event of this size.”

Baart had an idea several months ago to hold a men’s event and came up with the 1000 Man Stand. Through social media, door-to-door conversations and word of mouth, the majority of men in Sioux Center had received an invite to participate in the event.

“Today is Fat Tuesday and the night before Ash Wednesday so we felt like it was a perfect time to hold a men’s event,” Baart said. “On a night where many men are out partying we wanted to make it a time where men can come together and worship.”

After arriving at the B.J. Haan around 8 p.m., the men were greeted with prayers and singing from numerous women from Dordt and the community. They were then given hot chocolate and coffee to warm up and ushered into the auditorium.

A Dordt College worship band led the men in praise and worship and Dordt College football coach Joel Penner along with Billy Sanderson, a businessman from Minneapolis, preached short messages.

“It felt like we were staking some ground tonight on the walk,” Penner said. “It felt like we were starting to take something back from the enemy.”

Throughout his message, Penner advised the men to look at their relationship with Christ from the perspective of a court trial. It can be a battle and full of difficulties, but always the pay off is guaranteed to be worth it. Penner encouraged the men to stay strong and humble throughout their walk with Christ and always remember to thank him regardless of the outcome. As long as they keep Him at the center, all things are possible.

Sanderson shared his testimony and battles with brain cancer. He reminded the men to trust that God will save and come through, but it is all in his timing. He has everything under control and will provide the men the strength to be the strong leaders America needs.

The night ended with a time of more prayer and worship. The men broke into small groups to pray for strength and wisdom.

“We need Christian men to take control,” Sanderson said. “It’s time to lead and be the men that the world needs us to be.”


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