Fly, Eagles, fly!

Zachary Sanford—Staff Writer

This year’s Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 4, was an upset for many.

On Sunday night, the dorm rooms were filled with fans cheering for both teams. Many Dordt Students from Minnesota either wanted the Patriots to win because the Eagles had beaten the Vikings or, like everyone else, couldn’t stand to see the Patriots win another Super Bowl. 



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A lot of the excitement came in the 4th quarter because, even though the Patriots were behind, they have proven to be a fourth quarter comeback team. That truth was denied this year as the Eagles remained on top most of the game. Both teams managed to miss a combined 3-field goals from 30 yards or closer, a first in Super Bowl history. Another record set was the number of total offensive yards in Super Bowl history, 1,151, in the US Bank Stadium. Fans in the stadium and across the nation witnessed a true underdog story.


This was the first Super Bowl that the Philadelphia Eagles have won since the team was created in 1933, when the team was purchased for only $2,500 and the name changed from “Yellow Jackets” to Eagles.

Let’s cover some basic names and numbers. We’ll start with the AFC-American Football Conference and the NFC-National Football Conference.

The AFC New England Patriots have been a domineering team in the 21st century, bringing home five Super Bowl wins in a 15-year period. The only other team who has won more rings is the Pittsburgh Steelers, with a 6-win 2-loss record over the course of more than 30 years. Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady have lead the NFL for most of the 2000’s. So, come game day, a number of people were aware of the presence New England brought to the battle.

“I wanted to see the Patriots win because the Eagles beat my team, the Vikings,” said freshman Brandon Hofer. “I really wanted to be a close game but I didn’t expect to see an outcome like this, to be honest.”

Philadelphia Eagles have been in the bottom of the NFC East conference for a number of years. After having a new head coach step in and turn the program around from last year’s 7-9 record, the Eagles came back to finish with a 13-3 record including post season.

The Eagles have attended two Super Bowls in the past but have lost both, including the 2004 Super Bowl where they also played the Patriots. The Eagles have won four NFC East Championships and two NFC Division Championship

Amid the party snacks and the drinks consumed, a lot of yells and words crossed between halls. The majority of Dordt students seemed pleased with the outcome of the game. Just a week and a half later, there isn’t much talk about or even notice that has really changed our Dordt society, but the Eagles hype won’t be ending anytime soon.

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